Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yukinov, swamps, flowerbeds, wrinkles, Garin's ghost

I finished DRAGON WARRIOR 1 again! :D

Here's a poisonous swamp:

If you cast Repel, there will be no trace of weaker monsters for a short while!

Remember the Cantlin weapon shop owner in DRAGON WARRIOR III who chose the name Yukinov for his unborn child, and said the name would be passed on through generations? It has been, as this guy in Cantlin proves! The treasure he's talking about is the Armor of Erdrick, guarded by an Axe Knight in the destroyed town of Hauksness.

The timeline from DRAGON WARRIOR III to DRAGON WARRIOR I covers 15 kings named Lorik, and spans a lot of generations! So it's reasonable that this Cantlin guy had a grandfather named Yukinoff in Hauksness when the monsters destroyed it!

The Dragonlord on his throne in Charlock Castle:

That poisonous swamp (and all others) has been transformed into a flowerbed with the coming of peace to the world of Alefgard!

Here is Garin's ghost in Hauksness after peace returns:

After you defeat the Dragonlord, this old man in Brecconary Town has this to say: "Well, I'm overjoyed! My wrinkled face will become completely wrinkled now." WHAT?! Hahaha!

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