Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MOHAWK, hot babes, social media, and Ayler tomorrow!

Called Chrystal at work before I lost track of time this afternoon; we're getting together next Wednesday on the 22nd. Should be interesting! When I got Chinese Eric on the phone tonight, I wished him a happy birthday before we talked about tomorrow / helping his dad / Nathan still in London / Ciel / learning about things online / anonymity. It's totally understandable that he wants to rest before hanging out and meeting baby Ayler, and that he doesn't really want to go to Richmond and back out again - at least I won't get lost going to Langara Station, as opposed to the park! We discussed social media; WHY would you update your Facebook status while robbing a bank and being in a standoff with the police?! Then we talked about our shared enjoyment of TLC's "reality shows" on hoarders and extreme couponing before ending the call. Confirmed stuff with Jon after that, so everything's a go! I misread "NASA worker awakens Obama's mohawk dreams" as "NASA worker reveals Obama's network address" - WTF is wrong with me?! o_O

What the heck is up with this DRAGON WARRIOR II glitch? I first noticed it when selling Water Flying Cloths at Midenhall Castle - must be the codes! Luckily, it went away when I restarted the emulator!

This guy in Lianport is looking for a hot woman, and thinks that the Princess of Moonbrooke (Linda) is the perfect babe!

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