Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby Olive, Hayden, Silas, Pho Thai Son

I was a bit late meeting Eric, but he said I'd sounded tired on the phone: NO, REALLY?! He joked that I was drunk, asked if I wanted to get tattoos (Steph and Lisa have that covered), wondered if I'd finished MOTHER 1 yet (then said that I was playing DRAGON WARRIOR III one too many times), tested me on PEACHES by POTUSA, said that yesterday's barbecue went pretty well with chicken drumsticks and thighs / raw veggies / watermelon, and said he'd gotten back on Thursday. GOOD THING I MANAGED TO FIX THE ROUTER MYSELF, THEN! I had brought some breakfast biscuits to eat in the car (but forgot water), and he thought they were cookies: close enough, I guess? When we got to church, I talked to Randal about his "nuts" message / waved back at Victor when he said hi / said hi to Jeremy and his parents / officially met Pastor Dan / said hi to Tim, Joshua (whose birthday is today), Keenan, and baby Emma. After service, I talked for a bit to Darren, who's back from Ireland for a month! Talked to Auntie Ying about getting together when Phil leaves, to Auntie Catherine about her father (Mom's attempted guilt trips don't work since I didn't even know he was dead till then! - Auntie Susan said the name wasn't recognizable in the bulletin), said hi to baby Rebecca and her mom Jane, and talked to baby Ayler. He smiled at me and grabbed my finger! ♥ [Harmony told people that the baby loves interacting with others, and babbles all the time!]

Before I went to Toddler Sunday School, I said hi to Benedict, Anita, Amos, and Harrison. Also saw Chung Ming with his wife Ellen: they have a nine-month-old baby girl named Olive! Also saw Dave and Tiffany, who are back in town for a short while - good to see them! Chrystal said hi, so we talked for a bit about Grandma and possible get-togethers; we didn't go see the fireworks since that scene is CRAZY! Said hi to Melia, who has seen puppy Havarti already! I saw Lanie, Quan, Silas, Danny, Anastasia, Hayden, James, Hymn, Natalie, and Ashley at Toddler Sunday School. Talked about toys, dragons in space, drawing, Lego, fake food, caramel popcorn, Chinese / Filipino festivals, and more. After Sunday School, I asked Kevin whether he'd seen Eric; nope! Talked to Andrew and Adam about being tired, my video games, seeing family, and more. Eric came up as I was doing that, and wondered if I'd seen Christon. He was helping to serve food in the fellowship hall for the senior lunch; a phone call later, we were meeting Jon at Pho Thai Son for our own lunch! Talked to Eric about that Native guy I'd seen before Sunday School; apparently, his name is Godwin. Haven't encountered that name in YEARS, man!

PHO THAI SON was interesting! We talked about yesterday's BBQ, Christon spilling iced coffee on us, girl children named Carson (?!), the "Food and Film" Evite (which Jon reminded me of), Jeremy's renovations, intensive French onion soup, weddings, the Olympics, Kent's Kitchen takeout, and more. On the way home, Eric said that we were going to Pastor Bob's on Friday for a Spiritual Care program and potluck dinner - oh, religion! We also learned that Our Lady Peace (4 AM) is adult alternative / classic rock... that's the stuff WE listen to, man! Managed to open my new whiteout, and then started some laundry. Mom wants me to visit Grandma on both Tuesday and Wednesday, too.

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