Monday, August 13, 2012

SWORD OF KINGS! / Fee non-payment at Houses of Healing

Got to talk with Chinese Eric for a few minutes earlier; I told him to go back to eating his dinner, but he wouldn't listen to me immediately. :D At least I know he's not available for that "Food and Film" thing next week, since family friends are coming into town! It doesn't matter when he calls me back - I know he's busy with appointments and grandma-related stuff. So am I... well, minus the appointments!

If you decide not to pay the fee for various services at the Houses of Healing in DRAGON WARRIOR III, the guy who detoxicates / uncurses / revives your party members will lecture the survivors! "The donation is a token of gratitude and respect! Ingrates! You should be ashamed not to give anything!"

There is a SWORD OF KINGS in the DW3 town of Kol - it's not just EARTHBOUND! (you first have to get Oricon from the Hauksness stables, then sell it to the swordsmith from Jipang)

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