Saturday, March 03, 2012

Wet mousepad, plum sakura blossom, and lots of junk food

My mousepad got water on it, so I had to go out to London Drugs anyway to buy a new artsy one after taking out the trash at home. I think that right near the plants is probably not a good place for this laptop, so I moved to the floor for now. Christine Bernier unfriended me on Facebook; her loss! I found out that I was looking at the wrong bus stop information on Translink; how annoying! This resulted in my missing at least two buses; when I finally got home, I grabbed my lotion / Advil gel caps / calculator / seaweed / nori peanuts (which a nice European lady at the bus stop opened for me) / wasabi peanuts / two bags of chips. Went to London Drugs and got on-sale plum and sakura blossom Dove body wash, large trash bags / the aforementioned artsy mouse pad. I hope it doesn't get wet anytime soon!

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