Saturday, March 03, 2012

Bad sleep, laundry, redrum, rescheduling, and plants

This morning after a bad sleep (fell asleep at 4 - got up at 5:30 - got up again at 8:45), I prepared to go to the townhouse, and did some laundry at home after I took a shower. I could do it for free over here, but I didn't fancy the idea of dragging a garbage bag full of smelly crap with me on the bus later! Chrystal called at 12:20 to see if we could reschedule since she'd just gotten up: not a problem, since that might happen to me also! Next Wednesday sounds good - NO HOCKEY GAMES OR WEEKLY TRADITION AS CONFLICTS! Got to the townhouse to discover that redrum had started; I also forgot to take out the trash at home, so I guess I'll be going back there later today to do so. Sunday bus schedules are totally INSANE! Saw a bunch of Mom's plants on the table; good thing I'm not the one responsible for them! (Jon is)

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