Saturday, March 03, 2012

No potluck / Bryan IDIOTIC / David S. being golden

Ended up missing the potluck since I took a much-needed nap at 5:30 and woke up at 7:15! Noticed that Eric had called me at 6:30; on the off-chance that he was still home, I called him. Ron answered the phone to say he'd already left; after thanking him, I called Eric's cell to find that he was already at church! I told him that I'd taken a nap, which he was dubious about. He said he'd see me on Sunday: haha, we'll see about THAT! Got to the computer to find that Eric had tried getting me on MSN, complete with devil emoticons and "DING A LING!" Hahaha!

Also found out about the Leafs hockey news - coach firings, indeed! Caught up on the weekly tradition, too. I swear I need to cut down on chocolate for my own good. Talked to David S. on YM for a while, too - hey, falling asleep randomly does happen, as I demonstrated! Also blocked Bryan for good - ASIAN FEVER AND NOT KNOWING ABOUT YOUR LIFE IS A DEAL-BREAKER! To David's credit, he listened to me vent. Yay for friendship! Alana also invited me to her birthday party in June: can't go, as Vegas is rather the priority then!

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