Saturday, February 18, 2012

Palindromic birthday dinner / Teasing / Duck

Jon and Harmony picked me up at 6:20, and we were off to the townhouse - we discussed Steph's fragile state of health, future plans, diarrhea, Lisa, showering, Lent, and other things on our way over. Auntie Eva opened the door, and I said hi to her dad Uncle Percy before congratulating Grandma on her 92nd birthday. She said, "Cheh! It hasn't come yet!" (which is what I was expecting) Then I gave her that birthday card, and she seemed happy about it... Eric came later, and knew what "GWEI JIE" (White Kid) meant. We had fish, peppers, duck, cake, tea, coffee, DOU MEW, crab, and various other things at dinner. Everyone talked about baby things, changing diapers, bumping into Eric Ho and Kwong Chow, Maxine, Karen I., maternity clothes, babysitting, spanking kids, duck fat, Tuesday at lunch and the passport office, teasing about Eric Ho and Valentine's Day (which I can take), lemon tea, longan, beer, and wine.

We also discussed Facebook messages / tagging / videos, Rice Krispie Squares, Coquitlam, the network security key, babysitting, the Canucks winning 6-2 over the Leafs, the Flames winning 1-0 over the Kings, special honorary ceremonies, and more. Mom gave us apples, oranges, mangoes, ribs, Goldfish, caramel rice cakes, baby stuff, leftovers, tea biscuits, and various other things to take home. Of course, Jon and Harmony bugged me about Eric Ho on the way home, but it doesn't matter to me. I know where my heart lies... ;)

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