Thursday, February 16, 2012

Starbucks with Randal = Paul discussion!

Randal called at 5 to say he was outside; I was mildly surprised he remembered where I live, but I guess the hospital IS an easy landmark if he works nearby! We ended up going to the Starbucks near Chapters, where he insisted on treating me to a double chocolate cookie and a mocha. I did try giving him a $20 to pay for it, though... and I *did* thank him for it, unlike CERTAIN OTHER people! Discussed decadent fudge bars, Valentine's Day, the Fellowship AGM tomorrow (our presence is needed for VOTING purposes!), our "not too bad" days, his dad going around Metrotown a lot, Teunis not talking to me anymore (Randal's sorry to hear that), Paul's shady past, Paul being two-faced, Jon speaking in glowing terms of Paul and his "changing," Amy, Ivan, Steph, and the North Shore church where Paul goes sometimes. We also talked about James ("a great friend - too bad he's in Texas, haha") helping me at Christmas after THAT INCIDENT, intuition, Bible Study, Connie, Paul, Deb, Dylan, baby Declan, Christon, his opinion of my email (he agrees with me), and a lot of personal stuff. At home, I "raped" my bank account by paying my hydro bill - at least I'm responsible! That hour or so only served to confirm my suspicions about both Mr. Creep AND Paul, actually!

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