Friday, February 17, 2012

Coquitlam / Cocoa butter lotion in SPADES!

I called Eric at home earlier, but his dad Ron said he wasn't there. So then I called his cellphone; Eric said he was going straight to Fellowship from Coquitlam (since he was working there with Mark), and tried convincing me that it wouldn't take THAT long to bus there from here, but I said I'd just stay home and yell at a friend on YM. He said that was a good idea, hahahaha. Glad you agree! Also got an email from Harmony, who says that Randal told her a bit about the conversation we had yesterday about Paul; wow, but word gets around! She wonders if it's okay if she tells Jon, since she thinks they're guilty of jumping to conclusions because they know me well; apparently, Randal thought that someone should speak up for me. THANK YOU! A while later, I went out briefly to Shoppers Drug Mart to get some on-sale spicy chicken noodles, an on-sale sippy cup for Baby Dragon, and a lot of on-sale cocoa butter LIFE lotion since I ran out of Gold Bond.

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