Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coffee is a must, man! / One less year to live!

Had to take a nap earlier, which meant that I missed a message from one of my favorite people in the world... *sigh* However, I did get an email from Randal asking if I still wanted to meet for coffee after he got off work. Sounds good to me, especially if he also offered to pick me up! At least the MARIO music perked me up after the nap, haha. Phil called me later with the passport info I needed (number / dates of issue and expiry), so that's a good thing!

Vivian LIKED my wall post to Steph, where I told her to remember that I was real and she was fake! (a family joke) I also called Steph to wish her a happy 29th birthday, and had to make the message at least somewhat morbid! "You have one less year to have long walks on the beach! What do you think about that?! MUHAHAHAHA!"

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