Sunday, August 05, 2012

Olympics, science, reality TV, and Grandma pictures

Managed to get my Internet router back by noticing a blue light which was OFF on my laptop - Andrew said that I'd done the right thing if it was working! I noticed that Chinese Eric had called me, so I returned the call only to have Auntie tell me that he was sleeping since the hot weather makes him tired. Yes, I do understand that! He called me back at 5:45, and it was AWESOME as usual! Discussed life updates, his finally catching up on all the email updates, hot weather with HEAT, my not interacting much with Carol and Stuart, the Olympics, the limits of the human body, running, AirCare not being around anymore, the government, fans, reality TV, SURVIVOR, AMERICAN IDOL, WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, TLC, HOARDERS, WHEEL OF FORTUNE, and JEOPARDY. Also talked about whether Nathan's coming back this month (I can check that on Facebook!), possibly having a regular hangout from 8-10 PM before his birthday (he hasn't thought that far ahead yet - he knows me, though!), water polo taking a LOT of work, chips, salsa, volleyball, the Olympic Village and sex ("we're all human beings"), his spending time with HIS grandma, helping his dad do some stuff in the morning (SO HOT!), maybe having bubble tea with Jon at his place, a kiddy game called CRAZY CHICKEN, those Tamagotchi pets, and more. It was pretty cool, as usual. :D

Mom emailed us some pictures of Grandma and family...

Here's Cousin Yvonne and me with Grandma in the hospital. I hadn't seen Yvonne in years, so it was nice to see her again. I just wish it were under better circumstances...

Mom and me with Grandma in the hospital:

Cousin Yvonne and Cousin Lillian with Grandma (who looks tired) and Mom at Dogwood.

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