Saturday, April 07, 2012

Staff of Force, Brey, Icebolt, PRESIDENT'S TROPHY ONCE MORE!

Last day of the regular NHL season... can't believe it's all come down to this! Holly thought the hockey game was an away match in Edmonton, HAHAHAHAHA! The Canucks ended up winning 3-0 for 111 points... PRESIDENT'S TROPHY FOR THE SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR! LOVE THE CANUCKS! We're going to play the Los Angeles Kings in the first round of the playoffs!

David S. buzzed me on YM, and reminded me of an entry I wrote years ago about why he is so awesome; hey, it's all still true! I have figured out why my wizard Brey is losing 3MP per attack. It's the Staff of Force which does this, but the weaponry is way better than a Cypress Stick for now... and I also should remember to cast Icebolt / Snowstorm or other spells on Blazeghosts, Rogue Whispers, and Imposters instead of attacking them. DRAGON WARRIOR 4 will glitch out otherwise!

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