Saturday, April 07, 2012

Ragnar Flying Shoes ceiling bumps / Shaun, Golden, gum dropping down shirt

Discovered that Shaun and Golden have both apparently deleted their FB accounts, but my Friend Tracker number remains the same... weird! I also participated in a FFAF which reached the 10,000-comment limit on LJ, and had a piece of gum drop down my shirt. Now THAT is a first! Called Jon to say that I couldn't make it to that dinner tomorrow, never mind Sunrise Service and regular service OR that baptism! Hell no, I won't go! Hahaha! Guess I'll see him on Monday for dinner! Also got around to blocking a few people on Facebook who aren't my friends anymore, namely Leo (who's friends with Eddie and Adela - WTF?) / Vicky / Damien.

Ragnar and Healie bumping into the ceiling since they used the Flying Shoes inside the secret well near Izmit:

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