Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday: FFAF / Subway "vaginal salad"

Couldn't sleep even at 4 AM, so I took the new melatonin, which actually has peppermint flavor - NICE! Jon B. and Marko K. (both from the Puckheads group) added me on Facebook because they wanted to see my Video Game Screenshots album; nice, nice! My definition of a Good Friday is staying home with the weekly tradition! No silent services for me, even if Eric did get on MSN to bug me about it! *grin* Then again, Eric informed me (after saying he's going to Sunrise Service - I won't!) that Paul is getting baptized on Easter Sunday - WHAT THE HELL. HE IS OFFENSIVE. Yes, I know everyone has "a past," but really. Eric thinks I can't let go of things - I can, but I'll remind everyone else around me about it. More like "I take joy in the misery of others whom I hate!"

People need to stop talking at the speed of light in commercials. I honestly thought Subway was offering something called "vaginal salad." o_O

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