Thursday, March 01, 2012

LETTERS TO SCREWTAPE isn't a uterus or envelopes!

Barry called me to say that tomorrow at noon works for food shopping; fair enough! Also replied to Mandy's way late email while I remembered. I checked my mail, and was responsible in paying my phone bill... I also got a mail delivery notice, which I think is referring to my passport. Yeah, I noticed a missed call at 10:30, but I wasn't ready to get up yet. Oh well, I can go tomorrow to Blundell Centre after 1. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can get Barry to drive me there after food shopping!

Called Steph, who says she's taking the lards to the airport in the morning - that doesn't work for me, but I kinda thought so. Eric got on MSN to ask about tomorrow's potluck / sharing / board games small group night, and also about the LETTERS TO SCREWTAPE book which he needs for Sunday School. (he's staying even later because of some worship ministry meeting) This resulted in hilarity! (and so did my later call to Mom: she did say I could stay for the duration of their holiday, and offered me curry beef / pasta / muffins / snacks / microwaveable meals)

Eric: "Hey, do you have the LETTERS FROM SCREWTAPE? I'd like to borrow it."
Me: "Yes, I have a uterus, but I fail to see what an envelope has to do with it."
Eric: "WTF?"
Me: "Damn, I guess I need to read things CAREFULLY before I respond on MSN."

Mom: "I sent out an email with our ITINERARY."
Me: "You spelled it wrong. Actually, you used the wrong word!"
Mom: "But I used the spellcheck!"
Me: "That's because you used the word LITERARY! Of course that wouldn't come up on the spellchecker! WTF."
Mom: "Is there even such a word? What's WTF?"
Me: *gives up on teaching Mom English / slang over the phone*

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