Monday, February 27, 2012

Swarming bugs / CODY HODGSON TRADED?! / Blue Dragons! / Chrystal

Had a dream with black bugs swarming EVERYWHERE... UGH! Today is trade deadline day - CODY HODGSON TRADED TO BUFFALO?! WTF?! (Nathan had the same reaction... it'll make Saturday's game more interesting) Called Chrystal at work to see when she wanted to get together: this Saturday afternoon before Awana AND the hockey game works better, especially if I think she doesn't want to get home in the dark or whatever! After I sent the same blue dragon to Chinese Eric (of course!) / James (he needed cheering) / Janet / Chris H. / Jamie last night, I got a surprise LJ virtual gift of a blue dragon from QFemale (aka Eliza) this morning - NICE! Yes, I do have this blue dragon icon... putting it beside the picture of the virtual gift for comparison purposes.

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