Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Zapping / February 2012 BBT Tally / Flaming Wok / Strawberry Melon

For some reason, I had the national anthem stuck in my head for a short time. I decided that a Bourbon chicken / mixed vegetables / Szechuan beef / noodles takeout meal from Flaming Wok would be better for my budget than steak, and also got a blueberry bubble tea from Big Orange. Then I discovered a hole in my Winners bag; guess I'll have to go to Lansdowne when it's not threatening to snow, and get a bunch more! Got on-sale Lindt chocolate hearts, a strawberry melon Brisk drink, on-sale candy conversation hearts for Steph and Lisa, more rice crackers, Turkey Bacon Club / Chicken Cheddar Broccoli Bistro Crustinis, on-sale Russell Stover mini milk chocolate bunnies for the Toddler Sunday School kids (and one for me), and almond milk from London Drugs.

Had to deal with a spill when I got home, which I think might necessitate a new garbage can! Checked my mail, and got a Valentine's Day card / Care Bear stickers / heart stickers from Janina. That cheered me up! Also talked to Corey briefly about sushi and his zapping me; just because I started the convo with "BZT!" doesn't mean I need to be zapped! Silly person! :D


blueberry @ Big Orange (Tuesday, Feb. 28)

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