Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PINK bags, bullying, baby toys, fontina cheese poutine

Note: Your LiveJournal Future Blogquiz, by Ashlee.

I went out to Lansdowne, but had no choice but to buy carrying bags with PINK on them since Winners didn't have anything else... and this on Anti-Bullying Day, too! Good thing it wasn't the dominant color (that would be green / brown), but I got three of them just in case one ripped suddenly AGAIN. I also got two baby toys (a ball and a stroller animal) for Harmony's baby shower, and a Jer's peanut butter bar. Since I was craving poutine, I decided to go for some, but the Richmond Centre place was closed due to construction. Instead, I went to White Spot, where I could substitute baked potato poutine for endless fries. Got full on the fontina cheese / caramelized onions / beef burger, so now I have leftovers.

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