Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feeling better, Aaron, Christine, AGM, 3-2 loss, and snow

I feel better right now about things, which is good.... but now I have nobody to talk with about stuff! UGH! Aaron C. and Christine B. wanted to add me to Facebook - oh, the Puckheads and Canucks fan pages! Taught Troy about typing out emoticons in FB messages, too. Benedict, Vania, Martin, Edmond, and others reminded me about the church AGM, which I'd forgotten about... they did have quorum, although Edmond said that he wouldn't have bothered coming back after lunch if he'd known, since he was really sleepy after eating a lot! Thanks to a REALLY late goal by Dallas, the hockey game (my priority!) went to overtime. Then the Stars scored... FUCKING 3-2 loss! Gerard said it was snowing in Vancouver, which wasn't a surprise for me.

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