Wednesday, February 08, 2012

8 AM, octopus balls, CHINESE ERIC, Grandma-sitting?

Got up at 8 AM for some reason, but it was okay. Discovered that BREATH OF FIRE I really is glitchy - since I refuse to play without codes when possible, I guess this is it for the game! Although I guess I could try it on Vizzed when that site's saving function is up again, but see above point about codes. Ugh! Vanessa got on MSN and wondered why I was up at 10 AM... good question! She also tried calling me after we talked about stuff like passports / octopus balls / Granville Island, but I missed it... at least she'll be back in Richmond by the end of the month! Auntie Candy (Billy and Danny's mom) tried adding me on Facebook; somehow, I don't think so!

Mom and Eric Ho tried calling me, but I missed those calls because I was reading! I saw the messages Eric left on MSN later, though. He got my email about Tuesday, apologizes since he's been busy (no worries on my end!), and says that my plans could be okay. It doesn't matter if he confirms on Sunday or Monday, since of course he hopes to chill with me... and I hope for the same. TRADITION! It's all good with him, anyway. :D

Then I called Mom to see what she wanted, which was to see if I could Grandma-sit because the respite centre can't take her for three weeks next month. Apparently, the lards aren't going to Russia anymore, but they were invited on a South American cruise thing by Auntie Wing Yee. She told me stuff about what she REALLY thinks of Steph and Lisa's upcoming wedding, breakfasts, Dairy Queen, Alan and Polly giving me lucky money, microwaveable dinners and waffles bought ahead of time (way to assume?), and adult daycare. Told me about Translink, money, keys, #9 Restaurant, dinner / physio, exercise, Auntie Paula's leg, Auntie Teresa's cancer surgery on her neck (good thing Mom isn't asking HER to help out - that woman can be ANNOYING AS FUCK!), and more. Of course I can do this; it won't be too bad, although trying to deal with Grandma's memory issues can be frustrating! However, it won't be as frustrating as dealing with Auntie Teresa!

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