Sunday, February 05, 2012

Abandonment, the crosswalk, pursuit of happiness, and Grandma being confused

When Eric picked me up this morning, he said I'd been hiding between two SUVs. Maybe! We talked about personal stuff, silence, a weird movie called BLACK SUNDAY about terrorists which his friends want to watch before the Super Bowl (okay...), Paul, articulating stuff to my brother, his leaving right after service (fine by me!), my weird thoughts, my being "drunk" (as if I'd ever show up to church in that condition!), abandonment, the crosswalk, and more. On the way out of the car to church, he warned me that the sidewalk was slightly icy - yes, I'd noticed that, but was okay. Got into the sanctuary (after telling Jessie that I couldn't help out today) to have some time to myself before Nathan W. came in - Phil and I both said hi to him, as usual. Of course I made sure to say hey to Jeremy when HE came in, since we're friends and all. Then I bugged little Harrison for a minute or so!

I noticed Jon and Harmony coming in pretty late even for them, and had to bug my brother about it. Jeremy and I shared amusement at some points during the sermon, especially when Phil said that we could leave the Ecclesiastes pursuit of sexual happiness to our imaginations! NOT A GOOD IDEA! Afterwards, I made sure to ask Harmony how she was feeling; she said it was good to see me, haha. I also welcomed Christon back from up north: he told me and Geoffrey that he couldn't wait to escape the prison, and REALLY hopes he's back here for good! From what he told us, I don't think it was a good environment for him.

Stanford gave me a card, which I assumed was a wedding thank-you... I was right! Said hi to Denise, Grace, Micah, and Randal (who said my Adidas bag was big and a nice color - he KNOWS that I carry around a bunch of stuff!) before assuming that Eric would be going to next week's welcome lunch for Pastor Bob. (his son-in-law is speaking on art and culture, too) Grandma saw me and waved from the bench, so of course I went over to say hi. She asked why I didn't go eat with them, and then told me that ever since the church moved, she had no idea where to go. She's always seemed okay until a while ago! After that, she pointed out Jon in the crowd, so I hailed him to come over for a bit. She asked where his wife was - oh, she was somewhere nearby! Then she figured Steph was at work - yes, probably! Since Grandma really DID seem confused, I had to lead her to the sanctuary - I knew Auntie Paula was inside, but Grandma couldn't go in through the exit door! After that, I finally went into the sanctuary and bought a lunch ticket from Uncle Stephen.

When I asked Eric if he were ready to go, he bugged me that my bag was big enough to hold a bunch of drugs. I broke my customary silence with Raymond (who was nearby), and was mock chagrined enough to ask HIM whether I looked like a drug dealer! "No, no... it was a joke... haha." I know, but still. On our way out, I saw baby Emma chewing on her thumb, so I asked her if it tasted good! Mary and I said hi to each other while going in opposite directions at the crosswalk, too. In the car, we discussed Jasmine / Teunis / people ending friendships / the French word for "pumpkin" / whether I felt like killing anyone (not at that moment!) / Bible Study / Valentine's Day / my NOT stalking Chinese Eric / silence / how I should try CHRONO TRIGGER again (it's not my type of game, surprisingly!) / Christmas songs ("it's still winter!" doesn't fly with ME!) / frost on the windshield / meeting people for dinner / MOTHER 3 on hard mode / the Kefka theme from FINAL FANTASY / small doses ONLY of Christian music / making him deaf / hair / roots. Was home by about noon, which is very good - I think I'll need it, before next week!

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