Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pho Lemongrass / 4-3 shootout win

Vanessa got on MSN at 4:40 to say that her mom made spaghetti meat for supper, but since she can't eat it, she was planning to go out for some noodles. I told her that the hockey game was on in about half an hour, so that wouldn't work out! She said something about perhaps doing Granville Island on Friday, and just paying for parking - we'll see how that goes! Later, she said that she couldn't help but patronize Green Lemongrass for Pho. Discussed my black pepper-flavored lobster chips, City Fresh Market, lemon tea, not feeling like doing things, getting up at 5 AM, trips to Tofino and Newfoundland, hockey, and more. I wasn't surprised when the hockey game went to overtime and then a shootout, AT ALL. Alex Edler scored in the shootout (one of the longest ever this season) to save the game... 4-3 against Nashville! Bitz and the Sedins were pretty good, too!

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