Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Dallas in parking lot, Kaili, Teunis, craziness, and yelling (dream)

I had a dream in which Jon, Steph, and a bunch of others were picking Dallas up in a dark parking lot. Then we all went to a house where it was generally understood that Pirate Kaili and Crazy Teunis were our surrogate parent figures. A while later, I found out that Pirate Kaili and Crazy Teunis were actually married and trying to fool us into thinking they weren't. In the dream world, their not being married was perfectly fine, but there would be severe consequences if they WERE. I was very incensed, and told EVERYONE the truth. Once everyone knew, we went around the house and neighborhood having screaming matches while they tried to justify this, and suppress the truth!

I have no idea how the dream ended, but I jokingly blame James for talking about some other guy HE knows named Dallas! (Jon and I thought the only ones that counted were Dallas the person, Dallas Drake, and Dallas Willard - Google FINALLY helped!) I also blame having to see Teunis' FB comments everywhere (KAILI - ex / CAT - ex / KRISTA - ex / ALICIA - frenemy / TESS - degenerate poly person, but so are the others), and of course I blame Kaili's pirate display picture on FB. YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING PIRATE, AND YOUR PRACTICES ARE NOT WHAT SANE PEOPLE WOULD DO! Sometimes, I wonder about geeks.... *shakes head* At least this isn't like a year ago, where I had to pretend that this was okay and normal behavior!

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