Friday, June 29, 2012

Babysitting / Debit cards / Walking in heat / Ayler and red shirts

Got up at 9:10 and edited some stuff before I was out at 11:45 to see Grandma and baby Ayler. Mom thought I wasn't going to Fellowship since I said I'd go home later - eh, I just said that if they went home at 5:30 or so, then it was plenty of time to make plans with white Eric! (I got home at 6:45, but it was all good) Those plans consisted of letting him know that I wouldn't be there tonight what with babysitting and Chinese Eric (I left the phone line on for once), plus making Sunday arrangements since I won't be at church because of the Oakridge White Spot plans with Billie - what she doesn't know won't hurt her, haha. I also paid my phone bill when I got home, practically draining my chequing account: no more debit card transactions till payday for me, especially since I had to transfer money between accounts to cover a future payment!

Mom and Dad picked me up, and we were off to see Grandma briefly: we discussed $40, Russia visa stuff, lunch at Kwong Chow, chow mein, Grandma's condition, going downhill, socks, wedding cards, baby photos, the jazz festival, crystal, Bryant and Shirley's nuptials tomorrow (Auntie Helen wants Grandma to be there), general pictures so Grandma can remember things, the baby, and more. When I saw Grandma, she didn't say much: that surprised Steph when I told her later on, since Big G always has something to say! At Jon and Harmony's, Steph and Lisa were there holding / rocking the baby already. Lisa started talking to the baby about himself, and he was wide awake for that; when she switched to talking about appliances / decoration / his future wife, he fell asleep! Hahaha!

Discussed feeding / changing / bathing / blowdrying Ayler, Holly and high tea, the BC Lions' first game tonight, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce, Nicole Kidman, Mimi Rogers, Kate's wedding in Finland, Russia, a combined birthday dinner for Dad and Lisa on the 12th, cookies, almonds, chocolate, it being Nicole and Dallas' birthday today, Randal and fried chicken, sweeping the floor, McDonalds iced coffee, the baby snoring / doing other awesomely cute things, and more. Of course I was game to hold the baby for a while! I talked to him about stuff, too! He seemed to be interested in my red shirt, haha. Steph, Harmony, Lisa, and I took the baby out for a while to Shoppers Drug Mart just to walk around Main Street. We discussed Chinese naming as far as relatives went, housing, theoretical future school / playground plans, the baby being too hot in his blankets (he fussed because of that), mops, pharmacy prescriptions, the baby's "starfish" pose, health, fresh air, and more. When we got back, we tried getting the baby to sleep so Harmony could take a nap - almost no go there! 'Tis a tricky business, Dad tells me. (I read a library book on olive oil to pass the time) Jon got home with Jeremy in tow; after a bit of chatting, we left so I could make plans with white Eric. Now I plan to relax... and call Chinese Eric at 10 if he hasn't called me first! (it's likely he might not... it's all good)

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