Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thousand-piece puzzles, LDDUDE HOUR, Mattias being funny

The power finally came back on at 9:20, right after I'd called Steph to see what was up since I got really bored! She was doing a thousand-piece puzzle, which should be good if Lisa helps. Then I called Auntie Catherine, but Mattias told me that she was in the washroom, hahahaha. Later, I called Chinese Eric: we discussed relying too much on electricity, EXTREME COUPONING / HOARDERS / MY STRANGE ADDICTION, cellphones, payphones, technology, toothpaste, consumer goods (hit the hoarders' houses when the Zombie Apocalypse happens!), Hong Kong, Russia, travel, Jon and Harmony (sleepy?) and baby Ayler (pictures!), Facebook, looking things up online, baby knowledge, the one-month baby banquet, kids saying weird things, going to the movies, perhaps hanging out this weekend (hinges on parental stuff), yesterday's Stanley Cup, personifying objects such as Cabbage Patch Kids or mannequins (creepy!), Canucks news and speculation, eighth seed winning the Cup, Montreal, Florida, Luongo, Schneider, and more. Now, THAT was an awesome and "WOW" conversation which lasted almost an hour! Decided to finally call Auntie Catherine back (Uncle Y.C. answered), and it turns out we're meeting at the Copa Café with Mattias and Marcus - yay! (on Friday MORNING at 11 - oh well) Had to restart FINAL FANTASY V ADVANCE when I was 19 hours in - stupid breath timers! Not sure how I did the sunken Tower of Walse / Famed Mimic Gogo last time under the same conditions...

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