Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jack FM, conducive rest, Mom not helping!

Decided to switch to JACK-FM for my radio listening pleasure last night since I was tired of hearing Gotye on the Fox; yes, it describes my feelings too perfectly right now. Of course, I will certainly hear RUSH on the station, but it's Canadian! Steve L. linked me to good new Rush videos in an email, so it can't be THAT bad! I do trust Steve, and it's excellent that he knows his stuff. Later, white Eric buzzed me on MSN about church. Especially since he had to be there early AND this hamsterette still needs rest, I said no. I gave him a very abbreviated version of how the trip had gone, and he mixed up the words "conducive" and "conductive." Not quite the same thing, my dear!

While he was bugging me about my calling Ayler "baby Jesus," I asked him whether he'd at least bought my ticket to Pastor Rebecca's farewell dinner on Canada Day. (NOT my "ticket to ride," you dork!) He said he had, and wasn't lying since he had tickets 151 and 152. Good, then! I'd gotten some email from Randal on the matter earlier in the day, which is why I'd asked. That was a better conversation than Mom trying to make me feel bad that I was sick since I didn't listen to her in Vegas about the pink shoulder covering... nope, this isn't caused by not wearing a jacket, either! At least I got up at 11:15, and can now do my own thing! (but will need to call Barry tomorrow for certain things)

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