Thursday, June 07, 2012

Vanessa, Eric Ho, Rachel, Sabre

Vanessa buzzed me on MSN this morning... yeah, 7 AM is not my usual schedule, but I blame being sick, and going to bed at 10:25 PM last night after running out of energy to do anything! Eric Ho had also left me offliners at about 11 PM, figuring that it was hot as hell in Vegas ("pardon the pun"), and saying that it was cool I'm back. Yes, quite so! At least I am looking forward to seeing him at some point - I won't want to get Baby Dragon Ayler sicker since he already has congestion, so I guess I will stay home tomorrow.

Talked for a bit to James - I don't know anymore. Rachel later sent me an FB message saying it was lovely to hang out and catch up in Vegas, and she misses me; I miss her, too! It was a distraction from other things! Had to rest again today in between uploading pictures, but better to have that happen - still no appetite, though! Sabre Stanley (Shane T.) added me to Facebook; hahaha, YES!

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