Friday, June 08, 2012

Christine and AWESOME friend time!

I wondered who Christine A. was since she'd added me to FB, so had to call Steph to confirm that she was Heather's sister. Probably met her in Vegas, but don't recall. Steph says she's sick, too - yikes! Then I called Eric M. to say that I was sick so wouldn't be coming out tonight; HE said I didn't sound sick. Maybe I should have called him two days ago when I was sounding like death! Talked to Veronica for a bit beforehand; yes, I was indeed in Vegas for my sister Steph's wedding, even if she thought she'd heard wrong! Quite the exciting time with baby and wedding, for sure!

After I'd rested for a bit, I decided that I had enough energy to call Chinese Eric at 9 to see how he was doing after that email, haha. (besides, I didn't want to answer a message from a certain person!) Auntie answered the phone, and I opted to just wait for a bit while she got him. First, I asked him whether I'd scared him with that email, and he said no - he did want to know whether I was okay, though! Now, HE'S an awesome sweetheart just for that! He did say that it was long - I'd warned him! - and it was very detailed. Says I have a way with the language, and reading it was like being there. That was one of my goals, and he knows how I can get with English!

Talked about how we could hang out tomorrow to watch the L.A.-New Jersey game if he calls me (I wasn't expecting that!), the stage of life which Jon and Harmony are now in with baby Ayler, his seeing Nathan (who wanted to know how I was - and knows he's been hanging out with me more), Photobucket / Flickr / cellphones / being a "dinosaur" because he never uses Facebook (I personally would NEVER call him that) / technology, Danielle moving to Ottawa for work reasons, maternity leave (in Hong Kong), my seeing the baby, and how I didn't want to infect the baby even more today since he already has congestion. I asked what he'd been doing while I was away: helping out his parents with stuff and dealing with people coming in for the summer vacation sounds about right! He wondered whether we'd taken pictures: OF COURSE! When he's here next time, I should show him a bunch of Vegas / baby pictures! He says that he knows my door is always "welcome" (he meant "open"), so might hang out more at my place... hey, I have absolutely no problem with that! He got me to explain the baby's name to him, and figures that a jazz saxophonist's name definitely suits Jon since he likes music, and Harmony's name is musical too! You bet it fits!

Yes, the trip was good in that the baby was FINALLY born before we took off! I told him that my mom had bought 20 outfits at the Vegas outlet malls for him already; although she tells me that there's no competition between her and Auntie Wing Yee, I'm sure there is probably a bit. (he agrees!) First grandchild on both sides, after all... he gets it! He figures that he still has to focus on resting and his health before he gets into any more romantic drama, which I said was a good priority! He thinks that by the sound of my voice, I should be 100% soon - good to know HE believes I'm sick! (not that I'm a hypochondriac or anything) Of course, I had to cough a few times during the half-hour call, but it was all good. That was THE BEST HALF HOUR EVER! He was going to get online later - if I'd been on, he'd know I was home - but I beat him to the punch, haha. Hey, it's all good with him!

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