Friday, June 08, 2012

Future Shop word search books? (dream) / NOT wanting to lose Chinese Eric!

I had a dream where I was meeting James in a parking lot for something, but fortunately Chinese Eric came and took me away before the situation could get crazier. We went to a big mall where Chrystal and I found a bunch of old Future Shop coupons which I had accumulated years ago, but which had an expiry date that was two years in the future. For some reason, this Future Shop sold big books of word searches for $7.90 each, plus "Black Sabbath" shirts in varying colors (pink / blue / black / green / grey...) that looked more like impossibly small Asian T-shirts that they do sell at the markets around here. The store was also affiliated with the Awana store for some reason, so they sold Awana sippy cups (no such thing in real life) and other merchandise for real dollars instead of Awana dollars. Chinese Eric, Chrystal, and I went outside when a kid said we HAD to play with them in the field. We jumped over stumps, got our feet wet in puddles, and generally ran around before getting back into the mall to redeem the coupons for books, food, and other sundries. INTERESTING! (makes me wonder why I still talk to him, honestly - I don't trust sudden "changes")

Got up and noticed a missed phone call from Uncle Andrew's office. Since my appointment with Sean is on Tuesday at 2 (which seems to be the same day as the scheduled POWER INTERRUPTION), I guess I'll be doing that in lieu of Facebooking it up (as Jeremy would say) at the library with my laptop! Never wanted to eat in the past couple days, anyhow. I just hope I didn't scare Chinese Eric away with that email; I'm well aware he can just tell his mom to tell me that he's sleeping all the time now, but I'm sure that won't be true! Gotta call him later to ensure that, since I would NOT want to lose HIM at least!

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