Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Navigating darkness, dentist, Spanish rice on sale

This morning, I woke up at 10, and was surprised that I still had power because of the scheduled electricity outage. But since I was still sleepy, I went back to bed. Later when I did get up and get ready, I found it was almost 1:30 after checking the time on my phone - RUNNING LATE AS USUAL TO MY OAKRIDGE DENTIST APPOINTMENT! Good thing that my apartment isn't too far away from the side entrance, but navigating in the darkness was still challenging! I was only ten minutes late despite just missing a bus and a Canada Line train, though. Caught up with Sean during the appointment: we discussed his seeing Nathan and his dad in his building elevator, Nathan being thinner or changing since he's been in the UK, Vernon, Lucas having a kid now, Steph's Vegas wedding, Dorcas and her Uganda missions work, Jon and Harmony, baby Ayler, 50-hour labors (he's glad he's a guy!), Sarah, Hannah, and more. Set up my next appointment for January 15 while I was there, too. Afterwards, I decided to go to the library. Turns out that my library card number was invalid, so I had to re-register my barcode into the system!

Got Country Mushroom rice, Butter and Herb rice, Chicken and Broccoli rice, Harvest Rice, Spanish Rice, Mexican Rice, Butter and Herb noodles, Teriyaki Rice, Cheddar and Broccoli rice, and Singapore Curry Noodle on-sale Sidekicks at Safeway for only a dollar each! I could have bought more, but was conscious of my money situation... also bought on-sale toothbrushes, toothpaste, replacement margarine - as a substitute for vegetable oil, too - and replacement on-sale St. Ives Aloe / Chamomile lotion. Had a bit of trouble at the self-checkout, but everything was less than thirty dollars! Went to the Apple store later, so I could check stuff there in the afternoon. I just hope the margarine won't be ruined by it being out for a few hours till I get home!

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