Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finished purging! / Random encounter tiles! / Inner strength allows me NOT to struggle!

I finally finished the Facebook photos and notes "purging / re-tagging project" at 2:25 AM, which would have been about an hour sooner were it not for an Internet outage! The photo albums weren't so bad since I was done with them in a couple of hours on the first day, but I had written about 610 notes since October 2007, and had to edit a majority of them for paragraph issues as well! That took about four days or so, with no gaming breaks!

The notes about Korey made Randal think I was struggling with that, so he left some religious-based comfort on my FB wall; I know he means well, though. Trust me, I've found enough inner strength to deal with it in the last four years! If I were truly struggling, I wouldn't have the strength to even OPEN those! However, he IS right in that I'm struggling with some totally unrelated issues - James, for one!

Now I can get back into gaming! But I had to restart the game AGAIN (seven and a half hours in) because of the stupid random encounter tiles with totally missable enemies (Merrow / Flying Killer / Little Chariot / Neo Garula) on the Big Bridge in Galuf's world after Exdeath's castle - no amount of swearing is enough to convey my frustration!

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