Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ditziness with Chrystal / WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE

I thought Chrystal and I were getting together tonight, so I called her at work to "confirm" this. She said it was actually tomorrow... whoops! At least I knew it was either today or tomorrow! Turns out I missed time with either Grandma or baby Ayler today then, but I needed the day to purge tags and such from old Facebook notes. That's been my all-consuming project for the last few days; not even taking a break for gaming! Good thing that it's mainly been quiet on the IM front, too. With this, maybe I can finish the project by tomorrow afternoon, and go out guilt-free.

Which Bon Jovi Song Suits You Best?

You are: Wanted Dead or Alive

You are a cowboy, and you are wanted dead or alive. You can relate to this song because you feel like your life isn't really going anywhere. You like westerns, and love your cowboy hat.

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