Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dogwood Lodge / James / Slutty Grammar

Finally got Mom on the phone, who apparently wanted to see how I was doing. She said she'd sent me an email with Grandma's new address at Dogwood Lodge, so I combed through my Gmail trash folder (where I filter all her emails) looking for it, then wrote the information down. This caused me to not pay attention to the conversation, which is par for the course! James said hi this afternoon, which I wasn't quite expecting: I took the opportunity to tell him exactly how I felt. I asked him whether he was aware of exactly whom he was talking to on YM, haha. Gotta ensure certain things, since mistakes DO happen! Also, Visual Boy Advance 1.6 seems to work without too much slowness right now... GOOD, since VBA 1.8 and No$GBA had slowness out the wazoo!

Slutty grammar:

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