Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tokyo Joe's, TRIPLE TOILET PAPER ROLLS, allergies, Ayler, and limiting contact

Discovered the start of redrum an hour before I was due to meet up with Chrystal, so at least that was good timing - it was much less stressful than LAST time in Vegas, that's for sure! Chrystal and I finally did get together for dinner / life catchup tonight, meeting at the London Drugs as usual. I gave her the Las Vegas postcard and Vegas rose pen, plus two Wunderbars since she'd mentioned she hadn't tried them before. We went to Tokyo Joe's for dinner: mango cream cheese sushi, spicy scallop roll, spicy tuna roll, spicy sauce, California roll, cucumber roll, miso soup, and tea! Told her what had happened with James / shattered trust / FEELINGS, and she was understanding. Yes, the moves I've taken are pretty smart: LIMIT CONTACT BECAUSE I CAN'T HANDLE IT EMOTIONALLY, YO! I made sure to say that my online friends and Chinese Eric helped me, as well. (and so is she!)

Then I updated her on everything that happened with the baby and Grandma and the Vegas wedding (escalators / privacy); I realized that Ayler's one-month baby banquet will be THIS SUNDAY. Time goes by fast! She updated me on her company moving: it'll be closer for her! Discussed my parents going to Russia, her parents going to Hong Kong in October, her Seattle aunt and uncle being in town for the summer, and more. After we'd walked for a short distance (and gone into Chapters to discuss 50 SHADES OF GREY), we went our separate ways. I went into London Drugs to get things which I desperately needed before next week: TRIPLE ROLLS of toilet paper x2, and big on-sale containers of apple juice. Discussed pollen allergies briefly with a teen at the bus stop: "there are too many trees," he said. Guess I'm lucky I don't suffer from them, but I didn't say that since it just sounds bad. :P

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