Friday, June 15, 2012

FLAMSTERINA, Copa Café rescheduling, and Grandma

Since Auntie Catherine called me at 5 when I was busy thinking over stuff (and sending Sarah G. some FB messages about it), I called her back and left a voicemail message. She returned the call at 10:10, saying that she'd have to reschedule our lunch at the Copa Café because of Mattias' Sports Day at his North Shore preschool. I know she's concerned that we might not have enough time, which is fine by me. Apparently, she'd sent me an email - I never got it because it turns out that she sent it to the wrong address! (she verified the spelling of "flamsterina" with me, hahaha) Man, the church directory is mistaken - or maybe it's her sight? She also told me something which was news to me: apparently, Mom says that Grandma has moved to some long-term care home on Cambie, and shouldn't be taken out of there for about a week to get her used to the new environment. That last part sounds about right to me.

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