Friday, June 15, 2012

Ministry, Eddie, Mandy, Chrystal, Erin, John, and Eric

Went with Barry to the Ministry, but NO DICE there. Got home to check my email - Eunice and Eddie got my wedding RSVP, and sent me a link (useless to me) for driving directions. I replied to Mandy's email about the personal things which have been going on around here lately, and composed a draft for later use. Also called Chrystal and gave her a very brief recap on the past couple of weeks (Vegas / personal issues); we're getting together for dinner on Tuesday night so we can talk more about stuff without my feeling bad about interrupting her workday, even if Andrew is a good supervisor and normally doesn't really care about such things! Decided to try No$GBA again since the VBA slowness is REALLY bad! Erin C. and John S. from Puckheads added me to FB at the same time - meh, I'm up for it! Eric M. called to see whether I was going tonight - since I miss venting / ranting (and OH BOY DO I HAVE STUFF TO VENT ABOUT!), I decided to go.

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