Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cuddling babies in incubators?! (dream) / UPKEEP AND BUSYWORK

I didn't make it to church, but that's okay! Of course, Eric tried calling me! Had a weird dream: Harmony was about to give birth in a hospital, but baby Ayler was just over a year old. He was playing with toy cars when Jon and Harmony weren't cuddling with him in a huge incubator machine. Calla was a nurse there, and decided that Harmony was due for labor because her breasts were really distended, so took her and Jon away. Steph and I tended to the baby, and got him to line up all his cars in a neat row. Auntie Betty showed up with a little Dawn, and held her hand as she opened the big heavy door all by herself. Last thing I remember of the dream: we were all playing with the kids! I don't even want to know why I had it! (am also busy with my "FB tagging / photos / pictures / notes" upkeep idea this afternoon... maybe I'll call my rock later tonight)

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