Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shelley as smoking friend counteracting Mom's orders (dreams) / Helen S.

When I finally got to sleep, I had a dream that my mom was barking out orders and making me do a lot of work in a sunny environment. For some reason, Shelley showed up in this one as a smoking friend who had my back. However, Mom was having nothing of my taking it easy. We did eventually manage to meet a bunch of friends at a play: these included Shannon N. with wheelchair, little children like Benjamin and Noah in dressy clothes, and assorted others whether in wheelchairs or not. Mom wanted me to do ALL the dishes and arrange things in a certain order first BEFORE talking to people, but Shelley said that I was with HER and not to do anything. Boy, that pissed Mom off!

Ended up playing with the children ("a rock which is a thousand million dollars!"), and making Seabus plans with Shannon if my mom ever let me go anywhere. She checked her phone and said that we had no choice but to take the 7 AM sailing, and wait around Lonsdale Quay till 11 for a connecting bus to our eventual location. Mom seemed to have no problem with that because I would then learn that life was unfair. Man, I hope this is my subconscious processing some of what happened in Vegas... although I did see Billy (Benjamin and Noah's dad) last night, too! Helen S. added me to FB via the Puckheads, which is fine by me.

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