Friday, March 02, 2012

Josh's hair covered his face?! / Cory and Nicholas sharing my tomato rice (dream)

Talked briefly to David S. on YM and Troy A. via Facebook messages before going to bed last night, and am talking to Brandi now about stuff. Dreamed of talking to Josh in a multi-floor school with blue-and-pink carpets. Suddenly, his hair went down and covered his face, causing him to go blind and not remember what happened for half an hour! I was with Helen's kids Cory and Nicholas, since they were sharing my plate of rice with tomato sauce. Nicholas told me that this was their favorite thing to eat - I didn't mind sharing the huge amount of rice! Their parents Helen and Danny didn't have to tell me to hide the kids' faces in my lap when Josh's hair covered his face! When the effect on Josh wore off, we asked him why his hair had done that; he couldn't think of why.

Later, Uncle Sam and Auntie Susanna came in with a cane and a black dog, which apparently helped them get around since they both had eye disorders. I briefly went out of the room to see what was going on outside, and saw kids turned around and lined up - someone could almost leapfrog over the kids' backs! Auntie Bessy genuinely thanked me for wandering around in the halls: this allowed Auntie Eva to see where I was, since she would be looking for me later. Triggers: Seeing Josh post family pictures of him / Joanna / little Nina on Facebook, reading Mom's email in which she told me to go to church on the 18th (or else Auntie Eva "will have a heart attack"), and seeing Uncle Sam at church a few weeks ago. Weird!

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