Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Colorful rainbow font messages (dream) / Apology acceptance / Phil

I had a dream where James came online and told me things about dragons in colorful rainbow font, and that's all I actually remember. Interesting! When I got up after melatonin at 11:45, I discovered Phil had finally called / emailed me. Of course I accepted his apology for missing my calls yesterday - he IS busy, after all! Says he'll give me the passport info when he gets home later, which is fine by me!

Then I fielded a YM message from the usual suspect, who actually accepted MY apology for the other night - maybe he needed time to just simmer down, heh. Since I'd hinted that he needed to check his own Yahoo account, apparently he did. His reaction to the Regards ecard was "Awwww... you're so sweet! Yes, we will kick assholes' asses! Love you!" AIYA - I SPENT TWENTY MINUTES ON THAT THREE WEEKS AGO, AND THAT'S ALL YOU GOTTA SAY?! *shakes head*

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