Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Waterbridge, Russell Stover, Ganong, Botticelli, and more

After a nap, I still had tons of time before the hockey game to go to London Drugs. I got a bunch of on-sale stuff: Waterbridge letter C for Chrystal, a Russell Stover heart with milk chocolates, a bag of Russell Stover assorted chocolates, some Russell Stover truffles, candy conversation hearts (or "sweet notes") for Steph and Lisa, a Botticelli heart, a Lindor heart, and a bag of Ganong marshmallow hearts. Due to money given me this week from Mom / Alan / Polly, I only had to pay five cents of my pre-existing cash for it! (yay for a free $35!) I also interacted with a six-month-old baby boy, who held my finger while in his sister's arms.

I'd have given some chocolate hearts to Eric yesterday, but I can just imagine what his mom would think if she saw those! She already had a weird reaction to his giving me this laptop, hahaha. Got home and stashed everything in the fridge, then ate the chocolate that Flora gave me yesterday at #9 since I'd forgotten about it... things melt in here quickly for some reason!

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