Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MAD GREEK with Chinese Eric!

I also got some chili cheddar chips after we went to ICBC - those should be good for the hockey game tomorrow! Chinese Eric called at 6:45, which was fine by me. I made reservations at the "pretty busy" Mad Greek restaurant for 7:30, and he got here at 7:11 - PHEW! Of course, we wished each other a happy Valentine's Day! After I gave him some Canucks stickers that I got at Walmart that time I went with Vanessa, we were outta here after he saw Steph and Lisa's wedding invitation! Unfortunately, he had a bit of trouble finding parking; we should have just walked since it was nearby, but it was okay in the end. He had the chicken souvlaki, and I had the roast lamb. (my water had ice, but his did not)

We discussed family dynamics, travel preferences, saying grace / praying, pregnancy, perspective, prenatal classes, our parents, Christianity / the Bible / that book he borrowed from me after MissionsFest, his cousin having a kid now, stages of life, the church and the 2012 Mayan calendar, doctors, medicine, future hangouts (maybe at a game sometime), the President's Trophy, my parents' reaction to THE ANNOUNCEMENT, Jon / Harmony (impending parenthood) / Lisa / Steph, our health issues, Las Vegas, and Caesar's Palace. Also talked about Teunis ending a friendship, white Eric, the Red Wings winning 21 games in a row, Facebook / Twitter, Chapters, the playoff seeding, the Canucks / the Bruins / last year's playoffs, rice, potatoes, ouzo, nieces / nephews / tomboys / bonding, Nathan coming back in April (and Ciel), and more. Then we attempted to go to Chapters so he could see if they had a book about last year's playoff run, but it was closing by the time we got to the plaza!

After that, we just went home. Almost as soon as I took the computer off "sleep mode" while he was in the bathroom, I got a YM message from the usual suspect, who accepted my apology for last night. Eric came out and saw the screen name, so of course I had to explain about his best friend and her idea of a great name! (DUDE, GET A LESS EMBARRASSING SCREEN NAME!) Thank goodness there wasn't anything ELSE that I had to explain! He signed the guestbook, and wondered whether white Eric was secretly pissed off at me since a bunch of his friends seemed to end friendships with me for no reason at all. I don't know, but that's a nice conspiracy theory! We watched a bunch of funny videos on CRACKED, and looked at some hilarious lists on the site - we could see the Valentine's theme, for sure. Also found THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS for white Eric since I was reminded of it during dinner. It was fun times, for sure!

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