Monday, February 13, 2012

David Lee, Mad Greek plans, Kenny, minor mistakes, smartass remarks

Someone named David Lee tried adding me to Facebook; I thought it MIGHT be the one I knew from church a REALLY long time ago (but "David Lee" is a very common name!), but it wasn't. DENIED! Then it turned out to be Kennedy using her friend's account, and she tried dictating to me what I must do: "DON'T talk to Brandi anymore - she has no respect!" Hahahaha, like I'm going to give in?! You were grounded for a good reason, young lady.

After I had a much-needed nap, I got up to discover that Chinese Eric had tried calling me. Since I won't allow myself to ignore THAT at any time, I called him back. After he worked outside, he just wanted to let me know that his doctor's appointment had been moved, so he might be meeting me even later tomorrow evening. Hey, that's totally fine since it's not like we had a specific time in mind! I wondered if he could eat Greek food (although he was fine at Kalamata, now that I think about it) - he said as long as it wasn't too spicy or had too much lamb and stuff, it should be fine. Then he brought up Mad Greek when I was indecisive about restaurants or even going out to eat. It's VERY close by, that's for sure! Plan of action: He'll call or buzz me when he's about to leave from dropping his mom off and doing some stuff, and then I can call Mad Greek myself to see if it's pretty busy. Sounds good to me!

Vanessa got on MSN right when the first intermission started, so we talked about surprises / minor mistakes / Teunis / Krista / smartass remarks concerning gum and chewing / showers / cleaning up / being moody. Turns out Teunis unfriended me on Facebook because of that remark - hey, if you can't take snark about it, then you don't deserve to be my friend anyhow! Now, I don't have to keep his mail, not that he would want it! Of COURSE the hockey game went to overtime and a shootout... *grumble* Seven of the last thirteen games?! I hate shootouts... at least it was a 2-1 win over Phoenix. Cindy emailed me about the phone message I left yesterday, so PHEW! Phil has not called me back yet... ugh.

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