Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Well, I actually DID see the Olympic torch tonight...

Corey convinced me to go out to view the flame, as it was sort of a once-in-a-lifetime type of deal. I figured that since I was going out anyway, I'd drop by IndigoSpirit and pick up a journal that I'd be satisfied with (no spirals!) - I got one with butterflies on it, and a thinner one which could serve as my "dream memory fragment" repository. Their selection of notebooks and journals is better than the one at Lougheed Mall, for sure! (and I thought I'd save time and money yesterday - *GRUMBLE*) Then I went to the O Zone, which was precisely where I thought it would be. I noted that the parking lot was covered with artificial turf which resembled a football field, haha. While waiting around for things to start, I saw plenty of families and people out with friends.

The SPIRIT MONTAGE was interesting (the human body / men overcoming disabilities!), and the Olympics mascots are so cute! Lots of people were wearing red cowboy hats, red 2010 mittens, CANADA clothing, and more. I thought I should have worn my own mittens - I'll keep that in mind for the OLP show, heh. An Aboriginal elder spoke about blessings and prayers, Coke and RBC did presentations (jugglers / painters), and the MC flubbed up on the name of our city - Day 103 of the torch relay, and he finally makes a mistake! (we aren't Surrey, where the torch was earlier in the day) There was a bhangra / Celtic / world music act, right before RICK HANSEN came with the torch to light the cauldron! He said some words, and then so did Alice from church since she's an MP (her command of English isn't fluent - you could tell); a LOT of people seemed to leave when the mayor came on, haha.

I decided to leave early to beat the immense crowds... it was pretty packed, so it was brutal chaos getting out of there! Some girl made a comment to me about my elbow - well, you gotta make room somehow! I definitely had to watch my footing, and took a long time to travel out of there, or so it seemed. At least I walked on Minoru across from the mall, and got the 407 since I felt I deserved it from standing around / walking a lot since 5:30! Got home at about 9:15, which was pretty good. Also did some cleaning, kinda. History, indeed...

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