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Princess Gwaelin at inns, coffins, PUFF PUFF, Wellgarth inn

The PUFF PUFF running gag in the DRAGON QUEST series

Critical hit point status, as shown in the desert outside the DQ1 town of Kol after defeating a skeleton:

You can take Princess Gwaelin to inns... this is what happens the next day: "Good morning! I hope you had a good night. Please take care."

In the DW2 town of Lianport, a cute girl invites you to have a "puff puff" session with her: "Don't you think I'm cute?" This onomatopoeia refers to a woman rubbing her breasts on a man's face.

"Ooh... I am delighted! Let's start!"


"Isn't that wonderful?"

"That's it. Thank you very much! Please come again!"

This is what happens if you say NO to her proposal: "Hmph! What?! Not another homosexual..." HAHAHA!

In the DQ1 town of Kol, there's a puff-puff girl in the open-air baths! "Hey, good-looking! How would you like a puff puff? It's only 20 gold."

If you say no, it's not as amusing as the one in Lianport, though. "Oh, that's too bad. If you need our services, let us know."

In the DRAGON QUEST games, your dead characters are represented by coffins, as in this screen shot outside the DRAGON QUEST 2 setting of Rhone!

When the series went to North America, Nintendo censored Japan (and took out an Enix gay bar in DW3)... so we have ghosts instead, as in this screen shot outside the DRAGON WARRIOR III town of Rimuldar.

This woman in the DW2 town of Wellgarth is a bit confused: "Excuse me, sir. Can you tell me where the bath is? What? This isn't a bath? This is a hotel?" HAHAHAHA!

You can take items from a coffin...

... and give them right back TO the coffin!

After you defeat Malroth in DRAGON WARRIOR II, the "60" glitch shows up again when the Rhone nun is talking to you! "Kendrick, 60, fe... Rolando, 60, fe... Linda, 60, f0..."

Child in Zahan: "Hey! You beat up Hargon! When I grow up, I want to marry you!"

Several places have VERY indented thanks, this one in Zahan: "Thanks to you, peace has returned. Thank you very much!"

Cannock jail guard: "Today, we're giving the prisoners a special surprise, and giving them a beer."

The thief in Cannock Castle's jail: "Oh, I've been dying for a beer! *gulp* "

Rolando's sister: "Hey, you're so carefree. I was worried that you got yourself into trouble."

Prince Rolando's retort: "Well, you're always so conceited. Heh heh heh..."

Don Mahone in Tuhn, referring to the Water Flying Clothes he made with the Magic Loom out of the Dew's Yarn in the Dragon Horn Tower: "Oh, it's you! What a tremendous achievement! I weaved my very soul into that robe. Ho ho ho..."

Gina, in Tuhn: "You people truly have courage. Just for once, I would like my husband to be like you."

We go see the great-grandson of the DRAGON WARRIOR 1 Dragonlord in Charlock Castle after restoring peace to the world: "Aside from other matters, we have become great friends! From now on, I'll call you Kendrick, and you can call me Ryu! Wa ha ha ha!"

The King of Tantagel Castle, telling the party what they already knew: "In reality, I'm the King of this castle! Heh heh heh!"

This guy in Tantagel Castle REALLY wants the kingship: "If the King is still missing, maybe I will be granted the job of ruling this country." Too bad that the King was hiding out in the weapon shop all this time!

Tantagel's King: "This country has been rescued by your lineage now two times... no, make that three times."

The guy in Leftwyne who told the party that they made him pee all over his foot: "I'm such a stupid person. I just drank too much. I had to come over HEAR and relieve myself." WORD FAIL!

A shop owner in Lianport: "Aahh! This beer is so smooth! A great beer is the best thing in life!"

Several people (this one in Hamlin) say this after peace has been restored to the world: "Hey! By chance, was it you heroes who defeated Hargon?! I didn't recognize you! I must be getting old!"

The lottery ticket people (this one in Hamlin) give you a modest gift of a Lottery Ticket after you restore peace to the world.

The Ozwarg monsters behind Hamlin's Golden Key door: "Ki! Ki!"

The ghostly King of Moonbrooke Castle, in flame form: "Well then, farewell. Oh, I can see... the heaven's gate."

The formerly lonely guy in Wellgarth: "Whee! This is great! I just figured out that everyone has been living down here! I'm no longer alone!"

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