Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, zucchini gratin, and FREEDOM

When Eric picked me up, I asked if he were cooking on Sunday at Jeremy's. Unfortunately, he plans to stay out all day. Dude, you're an introvert and should need time to recharge! Oh well... if I sleep in (he thinks "on purpose"), at least I know how to get there! I didn't mind listening to sports radio, haha. We talked about that new Native guy, who apparently has folk music online. Since I've had certain bad experiences with new people in the past (Mr. Creep? Paul?), I'm very leery of them in general. Also talked about the hot weather, Gordon Ramsey's KITCHEN NIGHTMARES, video games, screenshots, skills, and more.

When we got to Pastor Bob's, Randal / Raymond / Connie / Vicky / Christon / Kevin / Jeremy were there already. We had zucchini gratin, chorizo sausage stew, quinoa salad, and other things for dinner. The film on Dietrich Bonhoeffer was interesting enough without the religious angle: war, Hitler, and getting engaged only to be executed! Caught up with a few people (I told Kevin that I hadn't had a chance to ask Steph and Lisa how Finland was), and tried some gluten-free bread (NOT a fan); I heard that Terry is now married (as of last week) to someone named Tiffany. Oh well, he unfriended me on Facebook first, haha. Also heard about Johnny attending Tenth, who ALSO unfriended me on Facebook! Discussed Stanford cooking for Phil's farewell, too... a 12-course meal, served restaurant-style! (with drunken chicken?!) On the way home, Eric bugged me with Christmas music, said I was drunk on a bit of wine (no), and told me to enjoy my freedom - oh, I am!

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