Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Phantom Village, Pavel Bure, parlance, shoes, Jalapeno Smokehouse, and more

It took me two hours last night to find the freaking Phantom Village in the middle of the forest! I thought I'd remove my codes (temporarily), and BINGO! Found the thing on my first try, like what SHOULD happen! Ugh, gameplay! Also heard that Pavel Bure has been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame; very cool!

I was responsible today, and paid my phone / hydro / Internet bills before I went out to run errands. Told someone that I had to "go do some stuff," which is exactly what Chinese Eric tells me from time to time - I guess his parlance is slipping into my speech, so maybe I really miss him! Gotta call him tonight, even though it's not been a full week! I'm sure he won't mind! Went to the bank and stole a bunch of banking envelopes for future use, got a honeydew bubble tea at Big Orange, purchased a badly-needed pair of new on-sale shoes at Sears for $20 without tax, got a Canada T-shirt / five wedding cards at the dollar store (one for Eunice and Eddie), got 99ยข Uncle Ben's rice x 13 (everything on the shelf - Creamy Mushroom, Broccoli and Cheddar x3, Garden Vegetable Style, Homestyle Chicken and Wild, Chinese Fried Rice x4, Country Chicken x2) / on-sale Kleenex x4 at Shoppers Drug Mart, and then bought pink Excel gum / noodles / Blue Diamond Jalapeno Smokehouse almonds x3 (me / Randal / Lisa as affordable token birthday presents) at London Drugs. I saw a funky dude with cool blue hair at the bus stop, too! Got home and finally found Steph and Lisa's wedding card in my stash of spares (whoops...), and also wrote birthday cards for Lisa and Randal.

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