Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Ayler's one-month banquet = almost no crying!

Everyone picked me up at about 5:30 after I was able to get some gaming in, and got to listen to Mom complain about work for most of the ride over to the restaurant. Steph, Lisa, Eric, and I just grabbed the nearest table - in the back - after saying hi to Auntie Gloria / Uncle Richard / Auntie Wing Yee / Uncle Joe / Alan / Polly / others. Talked to Phil, Grace, Alan, Tracy, Dylan, Deb, Myles, Brittney, Peter, Holly, Jeremy, Randal, and others about duck / pork / hot and sour soup / the jazz festival / Eunice / Eddie / Grandma's long-term care home and confusion / Myles and Brittney's September wedding / syringe feeding (it's CLEAN, Auntie!) / technology / phones / Whistler Tough Mudder / Lisa's one-month ban on practically anything sweet / holding the sleeping baby / my seeing Declan since Dylan and Deb are so close / Vegas / Ayler crying / gifts / translation. Also conversed about today's meeting, time, crispy rice, shrimp, presentation, veggies, pregnancy, seeing Grandma while the lards are in Russia, cards, the baby gaining two ounces a day, confused old people, horses, getting the baby used to noise, and more. On the way home, I got to see the security procedures at the old age place, and figured I'd wait till I got the DF email to see what we were doing on Friday. Good times!

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