Friday, June 22, 2012

Helping with cues / BABY TIME! / No stalkers here!

I called Chinese Eric before my Southern (?) dinner of Chicken Fried Rice, but his mom said he was getting ready for dinner... it's all good! Then I noticed that Auntie Catherine had called me, so I returned the call: three-year-old Mattias answered, and didn't say she was in the bathroom this time, hahaha. To help him along with cues after he said she was home, I asked if I could please speak to her. That worked! She'd been holding Marcus, and wanted to see if I could meet half an hour earlier tomorrow. Since I kinda need the extra time just in case anything goes wrong, I split the difference and said 10:45 would be fine by me. Apparently, there was no problem with that!

Later, I called Jon to confirm for tomorrow: he said that Mom was at least halfway accurate when she'd told me that Harmony sleeps till the early afternoon after feeding the baby at night, and added that the lards would be coming over at around 2. Lots of stuff to do on Main till then, I'm sure... he also gave me their address, so I wrote that down for posterity / bus-taking purposes. Should be interesting! I don't mind if I'm given chores to do which could utilize my gifts: ORGANIZING THINGS! Then I tried calling white Eric, but Veronica said he was at Alistair's - DAMMIT, THE ONE TIME I NEED TO MAKE FRIDAY PLANS ON A THURSDAY?! AIYA!

At about 10, Chinese Eric called to ask if I'd called him; you bet I did, good friend of mine! We discussed his new "Facebook phase" so he won't be a dinosaur (but he would like to keep his privacy - VERY understandable!), my not trusting sudden stuff, Korey and the insincere stuff he says, Randal, James and "sudden changes," lupus and the kidney / systemic attacks, Chrystal, the mango / cream cheese sushi at Tokyo Joe's, new food choices, diets and restrictions, white Eric, dating / relationship / marriage advice (he can ask Jon later when he's ready!), red meat / fish / chicken / fruits / veggies, words changing meaning (like "gay" / "dinner" sometimes meaning "lunch" / "sad" meaning "angry" as per Pete's Texas slang), and how people use Facebook for different things. (he doesn't have to use it all the time like SOME do) Also conversed about psychotic people, his going to hang out with his grandma in the next week, reading up on Internet stuff, my grandma and her new situation (Chinese staff?), that "the grass is greener on the other side" phenomenon when it came to singlehood / relationships (unless it's going REALLY WELL), stages of life, baby stuff, how I should say hi to Jon and Harmony for him (of course!), how it was good to have some time of dating / then time for marriage BEFORE kids unless REALLY necessary (I know what he means!), and how his mom knows that I'm a good person / non-stalker material!

She knows that Nathan's friends are usually good people, heh. I just call him every few days to see how he is (and let's not lie here - to have REAL FRIEND time with a familiar voice), not every hour on the hour to harass them, haha! Admittedly, I call him more frequently than I may have used to even years ago, but he says it's all cool. (YAY!) His priority right now is stabilizing his health, which did change his perspective on life for obvious reasons. We got into how some people date for a long time before taking the next step: he's like me in that he'd prefer to know someone for a while first! That was an AWESOME hour-long conversation, which only ended since he had another call coming in - I believe him! Of course I'll talk to him one way or the other (with baby [banquet] updates!) when the crazy weekend is over; he knows this! I told him that he'd better take care of his health and manage it well because I want him around for a LONG TIME to come!

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